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Well, for those of you who read my entry yesterday might like to know I did it.

After a 9 week gap due to my difficult relationship with sanity, I got out there and ran. I was afraid that I wouldn't manage even a minute.

But, assisted by Mrs Runkeeper's 3 minute reminders, I ran for 9 minutes, walked for 3 then ran for 12. I returned to the house with a big grin on my face.

Over the last 9 weeks, due to the stress of battling my own mind, I've shed 9.5kg. I'm sure having a lot less of me to drag around helped.

Thanks for your encouragement yesterday. I really helped :-)

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hooray, thats absolutey fantastic, well done you I bet that feels great



I was relieved more than anything. Thanks for your encouragement.


oh what a great job you should be really chuffed with yourself, happy running :)


Yeah knew you could do it and you did it in style. Well done, I hope it gets better and better from now on. Take care :)


Well done. You clearly have retained a great deal of fitness. Hope the running helps keep everything else in perspective from now. You should feel really proud of yourself. Tati x


Thanks guys. Coming back here definitely helped x


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