Couch to 5K
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Can't believe I actually managed this week and more surprisingly, I actually enjoyed run 3! On W1R1 I truly felt like a couch running! After W3 thought I'd need to repeat it but my husband encouraged me to give W4 a go!! W4R3 was more comfortable as I set off at a slower pace to get my breathing and pace right. My legs seem to cope better that way and follow a better rhythm even though they still complain!

I haven't downloaded the pod casts as I don't have the technology. I take a stop watch wrapped round my wrist and a tiny bit of paper in my pocket with the training schedule on it and away I go with my 2 girls on their bikes. My supportive hubby now runs with me - well ahead of me, as he's got much longer legs! He saw how I was getting on and wanted to do something to get fit too. It's great to be out as a family.

Wanted to say how much I've appreciated people's posts. I've found it really encouraging and inspiring especially when I could't imagine running for longer periods and I read how other people felt like me in the first week and have completed W5R3 and beyond.

Week 5 here I come...

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