Graduation Post - WOOHOO

I feel ecstatic. Today I graduated from WK9 after restarting it the other day. I feel amazing having just ran a distance of 6.4 KM in 49 minutes. I was running a rural route in the sunshine and I thought, 'Why not run home!?'. As always my pace left a lot to be desired but I felt comfortable and even managed to get my breath back pretty quickly.

I'm so amazed at how much I've enjoyed the programme, how those endorphins still get me every time, and no matter how tired I feel during that first 10 minutes I manage to stay motivated and push through. I think HU has had a lot to with it - joining this forum has been a massive help and everyone's been super inspiring!!! Just reading posts from other graduates has helped me to get back on the straight and narrow after the odd 'off-week'.

So, look at me! A proper runner in just over 2 months. I remember feeling so overwhelmed by my progress in the first week or two, wondering if I could ever actually run a significant distance without feeling completely knackered, yet here I am.

Can anyone recommend any ways to progress? Is there a post C25K plan I can tackle? I'm really looking forward to running in the future but I am a bit apprehensive about not having Laura's help! Eeek. Hoping I'm not the only one who feels/has felt this way.

GRADUATION - WOOOHOOOO. Now to eat cake!

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  • Woo Hoo indeed. Congratulations!

    What you do next sort of depends on what you are interested in...

    Racing? Moving up the distances to 10k and beyond? Just enjoying running regularly for fitness and mental health?

  • really fancy building up to that 10k mark. not too obsessed with speed right now as i've always been called a slow coach! it's just exciting to go that little bit further every time, isn't it? amazing what these bods of ours can do if we actually engage our minds as well!

  • Congratulations!!! You've earned that slice of cake!

    Where you go from here depends on you. You can increase distance, speed or both. Or just get out there and enjoy your 30 minute runs.

    I would recommend signing up for a race in the not-so-distant future. It makes for a fun target and it keeps you on track with your running.

  • you're so right - i think a race will be the incentive i need to stay fit and build on my progress. thanks for the advice!

  • BIG congratulations lucieiecul :D bet you are beaming from ear to ear :D

  • i've been smiling all day! going to bed with a grin on my face - thank you!

  • Congratulations! The C25K+ podcasts are the way to go :) you can find here:

  • fabulous. thanks so much!

  • Congratulations - no wonder you are feeling proud!

  • thank you!

  • Congratulations Lucie - great to read such a positive post. There are loads of places to go next - the Stepping Stone podcasts will introduce you to the world of interval and tempo training and then the world will be your oyster. Enjoy the cake!

  • the cake was wonderful! and thank you! i feel ready to brace a new running challenge now!

  • Well done and congratulations, Lucie.

    Why not just run for the next week or so and see how you get on without the structure of the program and to give you sometime to decide how you want to progress. After that, there is Parkrun or a B210k program or whatever takes your fancy really.

  • i'll check those out. thank you! x

  • Very well done it's an amazing feeling wish we could get it in tablet form for our non run days ! I still use the podcast I still like Laura's encouragement I have increased time to 40 mins and use the warm up and cool down music to run with and just my watch for the walks. I have now made my own playlist so hoping to wean off Laura ;) Happy Days ! :)

  • thank you! x

  • Many congratulations, fellow runner.

  • thank you!

  • Congratulations Lucie, you did it !

    Well done to you ! :-) xxx

  • i most certainly did! thank you, poppypug!

  • Congratulations, it's a fantastic achievement. I'm a couple of weeks behind you and have to say I've also been wondering if I'll have the same motivation without Laura. I've seen some people post they carry on repeating the final week if they're not interested in running further xx

  • i think i might stick with L for a bit... the structure really helps me. maybe soon i'll feel confident enough without! x

  • and keep going - the feeling is immense! it took me well over 9 weeks to complete the programme, more like 11/12 due to various factors. i'm so glad to have done it though!

  • I'm really surprised to say I'm enjoying it as I've never before thought I could run but have every intention of finishing and carrying on beyond x

  • A bit late to your party, as I see you graduated a few days ago.. but Congratulations! I'm in same boat as I finished last night. My plan is to consolidate the 30 mins, for a couple of weeks, then try the Couch to 5K+ podcasts, think I'm best staying in my comfort zone a bit with Laura! and then I'm going to try a local Parkrun, to get a feel for 5k and then consolidate that. I'm not thinking any further than that for now - but have vague ideas about possible Bridge to 10k for autumn. have also been looking at Electric Run 5k - night run which'll take place in Manchester - looks like a bit party really! Anyway - good luck with whatever you chose to do!

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