Couch to 5K

Rain,rain and more rain !!

Awful weather for running but managed to do W7 R2 despite the rain. Suprisingly enjoyable and definitely kept me cool even though my face is still beetroot at the end.

Always find the runs not so traumatic when done in the morning unfortunately like a lot of people work in the week prevents this . So I figure that if I can still complete each run in the evening after a 9 hour shift ( nursing ) my endurance etc must improving. :-)

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My goodness, yes.... You must need heaps of energy to nurse all day and then run at night! My hat is off to you ... Oops better put it on again - more rain! :D

Anyway, so pleased to hear of your conquering this programme, not long to go now until graduation ;) All the best for your last few runs. Cheers, Linda x


I agree with you - the weather has been diabolical. I missed my run on Wednesday as it was far too hot and I'd overslept. The rest of the week was rain but, by yesterday I was climbing the walls so I went out in it anyway. Surprise, surprise, I actually enjoyed it. I'll take my waterproofs next time though.

Good luck with your running. All the very best.


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