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Wind and Rain

Hi all

Well I've now finished W1R3 and have to admit am feeling rather smug! :-)

I actually started well over a week ago but due to work I had long gaps between 'runs' and was doing them on my own (rather than with Laura) so decided I needed them closer together before I moved to week 2. I was starting to think I'd never be ready...

This morning the weather was dreadful, heavy rain and strong winds. I usually run down a single track road which is extremely exposed, has lots of (very) large, deep puddles and I think a radar must go out to warn everyone I'm out, so they can drive by and have a good laugh as it always seems soooo busy!

BUT I did it!

Yup, I ventured out, raincoat on back, Laura in pocket, trainers on feet and a determined smile (grimace) on face!

Of course, it's stopped raining now and the winds, though still around have calmed down, but I feel if I can run in that I've no excuse in the future, so Friday it'll be the start of W2, WHATEVER the weather!

Have fun everyone, keep up the good work, thanks for all being here



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well done so far :D :D you conquered the runs and the weather :) good luck with week2 hope the weather is kinder to you :D


Thanks, did W2R1 yesterday and although it was very windy it was dry so that was a real bonus! :-)


That's the back of week 1. Brilliant. You deserve to feel smug.


Well done! You've done it once now you can do so again. Weather here is usually far from the ideal but we still have to turn out in it. You weren't alone in getting drenched today. I was getting completely soaked by passing traffic, cars drenching me as they ploughed through standing water on the road. You get so wet that being any wetter doesn't really matter. I was out on a run/walk with the dog. It was quite warm out though.

Going running later and for now it's not raining! Heavens be praised!


Thanks :-)


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