Wk4r1, pouring rain and confused ???

Okay, so I did it !! But I am confused about how it went !! Right from the start of the running my legs felt like lead !!! Didn't think I would make it and seemed to be going very slow !! But during the whole thing I didn't feel out of breath at all, I was so worried that I hadn't done enough that I added another 5min run on at the end, but still didn't get out of breath !! Was I running to slow ??? But couldn't go any faster due to my legs feeling so heavy ! So although I'm happy I did it, I feel disappointed that I didn't seem to push myself as much as normal :-/


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10 Replies

  • I just started c25k again yesterday from the beginning and I was the same. I actually gave up in the end so will have to start again tonight.

    I wasn't particularly out of puff but my legs were that heavy I was struggling to run! SO much so I stopped halfway through :(

    2nd attempt tonight to see if I can power through it this time but its making my apprehensive already.


  • Hi colleen82, hope your 2nd attempt goes well for you tonight, well done for trying again !! Good luck :-)

  • Sounds to me like your body is adapting to the running, I found the breathing got easier as the programme went on. It's good, it means you're fitter than you were a while back. :-)

  • Thanks for encouragement notbad ! It's nice to think it's because I'm getting fitter !! :-D

  • I agree with notbad. You will notice a change in how quickly you recover also. I have times when my legs feel like lead, I just tell myself one foot in front of the other.

    Great job getting to wk 4!!!!

  • Thanks gdeann, I have noticed the recovery time has got quicker, thanks for your encouragement :-)

  • Well done on keeping going despite heavy legs, sometimes our legs havent fully recovered from one run before we go out for the next I think, but I am impressed that the breathing is going ok, that was my major concern all the way through if I remember rightly!

  • Hi deryn61, I think you might be right about legs not being recovered, cause did wk3r3 Saturday morning and then went on a 6 mile bike ride with the family !! So could have something to do with it :-D thanks for your encouragement ;-)

  • colleen - that's exactly whqat happened to me - still had puff but legs like lead. I then amazingly (to me at least) did R2 and R3 with no problem. Went straight on to W5 and so far that's ok too. Not quite so confident about R3, but I'll give it a go.

  • I'm also finding that I'm not bad in the breath department but it seems that muscle fitness is some way behind.

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