Couch to 5K

Wk6 run3 I did it!!!!!

Can't believe it, only on Wednesday I said to you all I doubt I can get any further. This morning the rain stopped and I set off. I tricked my head as I went a different route so I didn't have the usual landmarks when I feel tired. I didn't judge the distance quite right because I had to do a cool down walk of about 10 minutes but what thrill when Laura said I could slow down. I will keep to this route as it gives me distance for when I increase the running time. So for all you Couch25K'ers coming up to wk6 run2 you can do it!!! Trust Laura but most of all TRUST YOURSELF. Happy running. Now for a most welcome shower.

P.S. I also made the mistake of wearing my "Race for Life" tee-shirt so I am nearly the same colour from the waist to hair tip, but hey ho who cares I did it.

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Well done - and only six more runs to do - Good idea to change the routes and vary them so your body does not get into a routine and head does not get bored. As you say you also need longer routes.

Onward to week 7 - only six more runs to your badge :-)


Woo hoo! Well done. Nearly there now!


I did the same run last night wearing a red t-shirt and like you my face was a matching colour by the end of the run! I make it 9 runs to go until graduation unless Suzybenj has a secret shortcut we don't know about! :)


Well done. Completed the same run earlier today. Feels good to be called a runner by Laura at the end of the podcast. Determined to get to the end now.


Brilliant. I knew you'd do it :-)


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