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Wk6 Run3 Did it!

Have been a bit quiet this week after the high of the 20min run last Friday. I found runs 1 and 2 of week 6 ok, but a bit odd doing intervals again. I knew I could physically run for 25 mins this morning, just had to get my head to agree!

Went out even earlier than usual (will be running in th dark at this rate!) and decided to run a totally different route. Think this really helped as I was concentrating on my surroundings and checking where to put my feet rather than obsessing over how many minutes I had left. It wasn't easy, but I did it, now on to week seven!

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Well done you! You are a runner!! No more intervals now and only 9 runs to graduation - you can do it. The challenge now is all in your head. Enjoy it!

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Way to go EC! You can do it.


well done. I am doing my week 6 run 3 tonight. I hope it goes as well as the Week 5 run 3 :). It is a bit scary though that we only have 9 runs to graduation!! (well 10 for me)


Best of luck, you'll be fine. You can do it!


Well done Emma, that is a major milestone you have just overcome. Week 6 is tricky, but perfectly do-able as you have proved .

Onwards to Week 7, all straight running now to graduation .

Congratulations to you ! :-) xxx


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