Couch to 5K

Does 'Our Laura' frequent the C25k blogosphere?

Just a light hearted little question really. But if I were 'Laura Podcast' I would feel pretty damn good about all the progress made by everyone. :) :)

So Laura, if you are lurking, please pop in and take a bow! :) :) And of course everyone else involved with putting all this together.

Well done, and thank you!


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she certainly does (did) ... LauraStq where are you?

the last post from her profile was March 2013 so fairly recent


I think Laura's coaching is what makes a true difference compared to similar C25K programms available out there. Really feels like we have a personal trainer - the kind who encourages you instead of yelling at you, which I truly loved. So, thank you Laura! The C25K journey wouldn't have been the same without your kindness and soothing voice! :-)


I must admit, I like Laura as well and she really does make a difference. Good luck with your running.


After watching the video for Laura's C25K I think what I found most encouraging was the nice easy pace she was jogging at, it looked effortless, natural and most of all enjoyable. Too many of people, myself included, started by thinking running was sprinting and that was the big 'put-off' :)


Just in case she does see this - thank you Laura! It must be amazing to realise how many people's lives have been uplifted by this programme. :)


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