New c25k app -missed Laura!!

So this morning I tried the new change4life app -same programme but you can play you own music -that all sounded great , but think it actually effected my run not having the occasional comment or advice from Laura -I needed her!! Loved listening to my own music but not at the expense of her words of wisdom and support!!! Back to the programme for me

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  • No Laura on the app? :-( I thought we would be getting the same words of wisdom but with our own choice of music. I'm disappointed now. I think I may stick with the good old mp3s too then if that's the case.

  • Oh dear, I thought about downloading it just for something different to run to but with a structure and directions overlaid on my own tunes. If there is no Laura or pacing/timing prompts, then what on earth is the app all about? I've been able to run to my own stuff for ages. Disappointed :(

    I'll stick to my hours worth of great MP3 tunes and my Garmin forerunner for distances and pace recording! Thanks for the feedback. Cheers, Linda

  • Laura is there , I've downloaded it & music goes off when Laura as something to say . Is that what you mean ? The couch 25k one do you mean ?

  • Laura's smooth voice just says walk/time to run - but no encouragement or feedback that I heard on mine.

  • On my I phone she does , just doublechecked listened to my next up n coming run wk 4 r3 & it's just same as podcast

  • Sorry must be me , just listened to the next one too and there she was! Perhaps I didn't realise she was there this morning!or I was just getting withdrawl from the lovely nhs music. Ignore my silliness everyone-it was a 6.30am run!!

  • Lol know the feeling , glad u have been reunited with Laura .

  • I have been searching for this new app and still can't find it! Can any body help??

  • I just went in apps on iPhone and put in change 4life and it same up

  • Does anyone know if the Android app is out yet?

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