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The new "One you" C25K app

I noticed a few weeks ago that a button came onto the site for the new "One You" C25K app,. Ive been having a look round it and it's the same program but there is no Laura. There are 4 trainers that you can choose from.

I just thought I would mention this because as time goes on and new members come through we should be mindful that even though they are following the same program they might not be aware who Laura is.

I know the "One You" / "Be Inspired" is the new NHS initiative to get people moving and off the couch. I hadn't realised that the app had changed until it appeared on our home page, so it must of all been organised and agreed between NHS and Healthunlocked.

The main point of the post is to say your all welcome. If your doing C25K this is the place for you and which ever NHS app you use it will be protecting you and guiding you.

Wishing you all a happy healthy week.

Rfc X.

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Well spotted RFC ☺


We found this when my two boys started on c25k and downloaded the podcasts instead so that they could have lovely Laura!!


LOL yep I used this app and I jogged with Jo Wiley so didn't really understand the Laura comments (I just assumed it was one of the other voices)


Me too! I like the app because you can have your own music.


Yes I have the lovely sexy voice of Michael Johnson getting me through - I do shout at him sometimes though!!


Always good to let newbies know the podcasts are available too so they can listen to Laura's music and gain that wonderful experience too. Good for anyone who would find making playlist a bit of a faf!


Good shout RFC. I used the app for my journey so was a bit lost about the Julie comments until someone directed me to the podcasts.

As much as we love Laura, it's great that there's a choice out there. ☺


I started on the app but have now changed over to Laura and the podcasts because she is so highly lauded on this forum and actually because she seems much more genuine than the celeb voices on the app, much more of a 'real voice' . I also find the music helps me run to pace better, there is no music on the app


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