My first 10km race!

My first 10km race!

It is a year since I started c25k as I wanted to actually run Race for Life for once but I got the bug and yesterday I ran my first ever 10km at Lee Valley with Women's Running Magazine. It was such a great experience and everyone was really friendly and I was worried they would be super fit super fast running mag buyers but they were normal people who like running just like me! I got a PB with 1hr 4min and came 150th out of about 250 so really chuffed!

I never thought I could run for 1 minute never mind over an hour! I have just keep going out running 3 times a week and it's amazing what you can achieve! Keep running everyone

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  • Wow, that's amazing!

  • Fantastic work Hules, that medal looks great on you! Hope you are having a well deserved rest?! I'm only at around the 6k mark at the mo, but its my aim to get to 10k, hopefully going to run a 10k race in October in Bournemouth, something to aim for!! :)

  • That's so amazing... And what a great pic... Well done you!!!

  • Well done. A very inspiring post, thank you x

  • Great post and great pic ! Well done :-) x

  • Wow, well done Hules, you are a real inspiration! :

  • Thank you everyone! I couldn't have done any of it with you guys and this forum x

  • Nice one, Hules. I've got my first 10k race coming soon.......who would have believed me saying that one year ago.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I booked the 10k RFL, which on my area is mid-June. I started c25k in January and am using b210k to increase my distance. Still only covering 7k, with 2 1-minute walks but I have faith.

    Well done, lovely achievement x

  • That's fantastic Hules, well done! A new PB too, excellent x

  • Woohoo Hules. Well done.

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