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Weird Aches

Just starting week 4, so proud of myself -until I did this I honestly don't think I have run for over a minute.

However, last couple of sessions when I get off the treadmill I have what can only be described as really bad period pain (and it's not the obvious cause...). It's only when I stop, and it goes of it's own accord after about 5-10 minutes but it is that dull ache around the bottom of your tummy where you just want to curl in the fetal position (to stretch the muscle out and ease it, rather than out of depression and agony) until it goes away.

Any ideas on what it is, what's causing it and how I can sort it out. It's a darn inconvenience.

Ta folks

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I sometimes suffer exactly the same discomfort after a run. No idea what the cause is, especially as I have had a hysterectomy so it can't be uterus related for me!


Do you think it could be GI (gastro-intestinal) pain? I get this sometimes when running and the pain usually is not in my stomach but lower in my abdomen. Unfortunately for me, it sometimes leads to/is accompanied by 'runner's runs' after anything from 45 mins of running onwards. I'm currently trying a milk-free diet to see if they makes a difference; I don't know yet if it is helping as I've been off running for 2 weeks due to a knee injury.


If your pelvic floor muscles are weak that can cause pain when doing impact exercise you could try doing some exercises to strengthen them. Have a chat with your practice nurse she should be able to supply you with diagram charts etc to help.


The only advice I can offer is to suggest that you ask your GP to check you over just to be on the safe side. I hope it gets sorted out soon and that you can continue to enjoy your running without discomfort. Best wishes.


could it be your abdominal muscles getting stronger on the longer runs? running is good for toning the tummy so maybe its this. pilates is very good for strengthening from within. hope it gets better soon. shelley x


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