First run outside in weeks

Today was positively cooler than the soaring temperatures of 36-37degrees, with an average of 32degrees so off i went for a run this morning outside.

I have a 10km race in 3 weeks and have not run that distance since dec and haven't run outside forever or so it feels like. I started off way too quickly and the the first 3km were tough and welcomed the traffic light break. After 4km I felt much better as my route took me down hill and managed to carry on to 8km, so feel that i will be able to do the 10km as long as i take it easy and not zoom off. I just hope that its a lovely cool day as next week the temperature creeps back up to 32degrees. I am not aiming for any time just to complete the race, plus i really want what i think will be a purple brooks race t-shirt.

I loved running outside but also pleased as going to the gym has kept my fitness up and as a result i have lost half a stone (another stone to go before july).

What I have learnt is that portion size is very important, i have learnt to wean carbs down in my diet, I personally need to do at least 40minutes of exercise a day (walking, swimming, running, dvd or gym) and finally the battle of processed food (anything that comes in a packet or box) will be a long one but i am starting to fight back.

I love running and i will be starting my training for a hm in april, when i know it will be significantly cooler. I have registered for the park run so will be able to do that when i return to the uk and hopefully cool temperatures in the UK will mean i can go on longer runs. "We run Santiago" is back in november this year - i can't wait for that!! Plus all the other races i have my eye on this year.

Happy running folks.

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  • You must feel so good to be out again! Just read something that may be what you need: the cooling towel!

    My advice to stay off processed food: read the label - and let the old (?) adagio "if I cannot make it in my kitchen I don't eat it" be your mantra!

  • I like that idea of a cooling towel. I should pop one in the fridge for when i am back from a run.

    I think i have learnt its easy to put it on but its getting harder to get it off!! So i will follow that mantra, when i am home try to keep telling myself that and remind myself how long it takes to work the cals off.

  • Just read this and thought that it may help to put you off processed food forever :)

  • You're doing brilliantly Vix. So glad you got to run outside for a change. :) xx

  • cheers, still a way to go but finally seeing some results. it was lovely to get out and hopefully it will start cooling down any time soon.

    Hope the ankle is ok today - BTW no pun intended with regards to "pain in bottom" remark :)

  • I know I couldn't run in that heat. Is it any cooler there in the early morning? I ask as I sit here at Taupo prising my eyelids open and waiting for my breakfast to digest before trying to beat the sun😊

  • Generally (not always) it is cool before sunrise but i just can't function that early. Plus i am scared of running that early that in the morning. The gym has been good and it means i can use the pool(s) and other equipment. I have started doing some kettle bell swings again and i can enjoy some air con.

    As soon as the daily temperature is 26 and below i will be out there again!! :)

    Hope your having a super breakfast :) Have a good run if your heading out! Your doing fab!!

  • Blimey Vix, thats hot ! Glad you got the chance to get out.

    Well done on the weight loss, youre doing really well , keep at it ! :-) xxx

  • Yeah when it's 36 /37 it's hot, the air feels like a giant hair dryer lol

    Long way to go but it's a start finally after a year of saying it.

    Hope the hip is getting better

  • Hi , Yes my hip is feeling a lot better thanks Vix xxx

  • That's good take it easy.

  • Sounds a great run Vixchile but those temperatures sound energy sapping. I don't know how you do it. But I'm sure the UK will be a tad cooler when you come! Really well done on the weight loss. Fab.

  • I have learnt the ark of moving slowly. Hopefully it will cool down to 28degrees soon :) can't wait to run in the UK, don't know what to pack running wise though. What is everyone running in there?

  • When are you coming? I don't want to tempt fate but the weather in my parts (South west) has turned very spring like today although I imagine it'll be a tad cooler in Cheshire. I went out in my thermal leggings, base layer and jacket and got too hot! Will switch to leggings and a light top for the next run.

  • At the moment I'm still running in leggings, a short sleeved t-shirt and jacket...the jacket comes off and goes back on regularly... So, you're coming back to UK, while I take your place in the blistering heat huh?

  • Thanks it's good to know what to pack. I think I wore my running jacket twice in chile even during winter so I will leave that in the UK. It will be cooler I think 24-28degrees if that is any good, I am more than happy to swap for a few weeks.

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