Week 4 feels like a huge step-up - I feel so old and unfit!

I thought I was doing so well, but the way I felt after first run of week 4 was a little demotivating! Sweating, tired, like my heart was going to pummel its way out of my ribcage...did anyone else feel like this? Week 3 wasn't this bad :(

Run 2 tonight - and it's outdoor. I try and do at least one run a week outdoors, so hopefully I can pace myself a little better.

Onwards and upwards!



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12 Replies

  • I found the jump for wk3 to wk4 hard, and I ended up going back and repeating wk3 then moving on to wk4. I remember thinking if i'm struggling now how will I get to the end.

    Please stick with it, I have just completed wk5 run 3 and found wk 5 easy in comparison, the reality is we all find certain weeks hard and it wont be the same wk for everyone and I am now convinced its mind over matter, calming down and not stressing :-)

  • Week 4 IS a big step up - 16 minutes running compared to 9 if I remember correctly. I was pretty freaked out by it before I started. I coped by slowing things right down and trying to find lots of things to think about (making nerdy general knowledge type lists in my head mainly). Anything to stop my brain saying 'you can't do this' which it otherwise likes to do constantly! I also found I needed to try to remember to breathe more deeply. Trust in the programme - you ARE doing well and you CAN do this!!

  • Ahh thanks guys, I was wondering if I was just being a wuss :)

    HBS x

  • Try not to think too much about what is to come (although it is difficult, I know) For me, there was another big challenge (mental this time) when I started the continuous running weeks. But you can do it! Take it easy and repeat any run if you feel you need to, but remember that you need to feel a little challenged every run to improve.

    Think of all of us who have done it before you. You have everyone's support all the way through!!

  • I struggled with week 4, too! It is partly psychological - and there's some definite technique things that helped too:

    - slow down. Its easy to go a bit too fast in the first couple of bursts, and then end up too tired to finish the last one.

    - Focus on smooth running with soft knees and hips - you know, avoiding the bounce.

    - In the final burst I found that trying to think about what I was doing with my arms deflected attention away from what was going on in my legs

    - Work on breathing. This is super hard, but I find that if I practice doing deep breaths while I'm in a walking bit, then I've got a better chance of keeping control of it while I'm running.

    I had to do 6 visits on week 4, partly because I gave up a couple of times, partly because I was a bit unwell. If you do find you have to stop running early, I would recommend that you keep walking at least until the end of the 'run'. And not just get off the treadmill like I did! Because giving up does make you feel pretty bad, but at least if you keep walking you know that you've kept trying - 20 mins walking is much better than 20 mins bum-sitting, and you can have another go next time.

    I did get through it, eventually - and you will too!

  • Ended up only doing 2 runs because of my stupid twisted ankle, so my 3rd one will be tonight. Kinda knocks my schedule out of whack, but I don't mind because I'd rather not injure myself!

    Thanks for all the encouragement and positivity. I will get there - we all will!

    HBS x

  • Hi

    I struggled with week 4. 2 aborted attempts. Read the advise to slow it right down. New attempt today and i managed it even with aching legs after Bootcamp on Saturday. Yaaah

  • Finding week 4...odd. My breathing is OK and I'm sweating but not tired...but my leg muscles HURT after the second 3 min run.

    Sooo I think as a twisted ankle threw my schedule out of whack, I'm going to do another 2 week 4 runs, that will put me back at the beginning of the week for week 5, if that makes sense. Build a little more stamina so I know I can definitely make the step up.

    HBS x

  • I am also finding week 4 much harder than the previous weeks, my legs have started to ache after the run.

    I keep remembering back to week 1, when I wanted to give up during a minute long run (the 6th in that session if I remember right). So now I am running for 3 mins and 5 mins, which is a massive step forward and I know I can do this.

    I just need to get my brain (my weak point) to believe me.

    Answers on a postcard...

  • Week 4 run 1 was a killer and I ended up walking the last 15 minutes. But I followed Laura's advice and slowed down and focused on my deep breathing for runs 2 + 3 and it helped a lot. But I realized by run 3, when I stopped focusing on my running and my mind drifted to other things (work, lists, etc.), the run seemed easier.

    Aches and pains can be a distraction, especially a sprained ankle or a tight muscle. Slowing it down and even walking through it might be the answer...then, stepping it up again (yes, even repeating the week!) will help to build stamina and strength....and, confidence.

    Good luck and keep with it!

  • Thank you for the support everyone!

    Well, I intended doing 2 extra week 4 runs to build up stamina...then my iPod decided to play escalation and delete week 4 altogether...so I ended up starting week 5!

    Run 1 went OK, but it was a bit challenging so I will repeat it if necessary.

    Onwards and upwards...or forwards as the case may be :)

    HBS x

  • Keep it going everyone - just did run 3 of week 5!! 20 minutes!! :D

    HBS x

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