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Happy Birthday to me!

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I am the "new" Bazza - and I am one year old today . The "Old" 68YO Bazza who used to frequent this place decided that he needed to rebirth himself - and hence I came into this running world 1 year ago when old Bazza first started his formal "training" log using Runkeeper. Since my Birth , Runkeeper has logged 155 running activities covering 786 kilometres and utilising 55,384 calories (That's not bad for a beginner baby!!) :)

15 Replies
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Happy first birthday Bazza. Those are some impressive stats for just one year! Probably not a beginner anymore eh?

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Happy Birthday :-)

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Zev1963Graduate in reply to tanyag_163

Happy Birthday "new" Bazza :O)

Happy Birthday Bazza! Did you use RK on your first run?

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Bazza1234Graduate in reply to

Nah - actually, I had been running (kind of) doing the Mayo Clinic 6 week course for a while before I started C25k and using Runkeeper - I am actually counting now from the very first time I logged miles on Runkeeper , which was for the second C25K run onwards. I truly started my new life exercising by walking and using exercise equipment in a local park way back in November last year - but none of that activity was logged.

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Happy birthay Bazza what an impressive first year! Got any targets for the next one?

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Bazza1234Graduate in reply to Ullyrunner

No - no real targets at this time - would like to lose a few more Kgs. I am planning to continue the running plan that I am currently doing until late April - then we go to the US for 2 months - I will probably lose a bit of fitness then and will have to start all over again when we get home!! :)

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Well done Baz. Congratulations. All those calories vanished! Woohoo!!

Happy birthday to you and many more running days to come

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Happy birthday and that is some distance you managed! Congratulations and let's raise a glass to the next year

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Happy birthday Bazza.

Is it still hot and sweaty down under. Up over is quite damp at the moment.

Are you still doing the orienteering?

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Bazza1234Graduate in reply to Jonny1

Definitely still hot and sweaty here!! - and likely to be so for a long time yet. I am waiting for the cooler months to return to Orienteering. It starts at 9AM and by that time in Summer, it is too hot for me. I try to run before the sun rises in summer - even Parkrun starts too late here in Summer 7AM

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Happy Birthday Bazza, I had a few drinks for you :) Thanks for being such a great inspiration.

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Happy birthday bazza! Awesome numbers!

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Happy Birthday Bazza. Brilliant stats!

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