Week 8, only running 2.1 miles. Is this ok?

Hi everyone,

This morning I ran WK8, R2, and during the 28 minutes ran a total of 2.1 miles. I had a Garmin Forerunner 10 for my 50th birthday yesterday, and used it for the first time this morning. Only had it set on miles, so not certain what 2.1 miles is in kilometres. Up to now, l've never known how far I'm running so it came as quite a surprise that I only have another 4 runs to go, and another 2 minutes running time added on to the 28 I am currently doing, and getting nowhere near the 3 miles estimated. I know there are lots of comments on here about it being all about taking it slow, and it's better to finish the run, than exhausting yourself, but is 2.1 miles a good distance with only another 4 runs to go?


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  • You are doing fine :) I only hit the 5K (3.1 miles) yesterday and I graduated from the programme a couple of weeks ago :) It really is not about 'speed' or 'distance' - that comes later after you have built up what the programme is really about - Stamina :)

    We are asking our bodies to do a lot after - for the vast majority of us - maybe years of sedentary couch sitting, it takes time to build up, that's all :)

    Slow and steady is what gets us there - and better slow than injured :) Read as many posts as you can on the Forum - I think you will find you are right where you should be :)

    Best Wishes :)

  • 2.1 miles is fine don't get hung up on speed and distance that will come in time the aim of the programme is to run for 30 minutes but for your info you have done around 3.4 km so only need to do 1.6 km

  • Hi Mand

    You are doing just fine ! Although the programme is called Couch 2 5k, it really should be Couch 2 running 30 minutes x 3 , but I suppose that isn't very catchy ! :-)

    Don't worry at all about your speed and distance at this stage . The 9 week programme is designed to get you running for 30 minutes . There are very very few of us who actually are running 5k by Week 9 . The most important thing is to complete the runs and you can work on getting to 5k after you've graduated , if you wish :-)

    Keep at it, youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • I would say you are doing just fine! It is all about building up your stamina before your speed. Not that I didn't learn the hard way. Keep going!

  • You're doing just great.

  • That's brilliant time. 2.1 miles is 3.4 km. At your point in the programme in 28 minutesI was doing 5 laps of a 740 metre lake. This in total 3.7K which is 2.3 miles hardly different to yours.

    Before I started C25K I was already cycling 3 miles to and fro from work. So didn't consider myself that unfit. I do 5K now but still over 30 minutes. I run 35 minutes now aiming to get to 6K but not worrying about the speed. That is increasing only marginally.

    As others have said it is the stamina and great feeling mentally and physically and sense of achievement.

  • If the programme was called Couch to Two miles in eight weeks, then you would not be questioning whether your distance was OK. I am sure a few weeks ago you would have been delighted to be able to run over two miles, and so you should be, it is a great achievement.

    Well done. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • The others have said it all really! You are doing great and now I bet you'll see that progress on your Garmin! Pace increases naturally over time, most of us weren't hitting 5k at graduation. Good luck๐Ÿ™‚

  • It's fine. We're all different so there is no point in comparing with anyone else. Just concentrate on running for the time and the extra distance can come afterwards.

    TWO miles! What are you not amazed at your ability to do that!

  • You are doing brilliantly.

    I bet you didn't think at week 1 that you would be able to run for 28 mins non-stop. it doesn't matter right now how FAR you run when you are running for 30 mins.

    The Running Coach at our local gym will always tell new runners it doesn't matter how long it takes you to run a certain distance - its reaching that distance without any injuries that's most important. The speed will come later. Just enjoy what you can achieve right now and be so proud of yourself for how far you have come.

    Best Wishes.

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