Couch to 5K

My own music at last

Week 7 Run 1 today - hit the park again instead of the treadmill as it is still closed whilst they put in the new machines. At the moment I'm thinking I'll be leaving the treadmill behind because I am enjoying being outside so much.

I took the brave decision to wave goodbye to Laura and just play my own music. I set myself up an awesome playlist and used Endemodo to track my distance and time. However.... After running for what seemed like ages it finally said 1k - i know it must have been wrong because based on my previous run 3 x around the park is just over 4k. I decided to ignore it and just run until I felt worn out and had done 3 circuits.

I ended up going a bit further after a short recovery walk at the end of 25mins as was feeling pumped and still needed to get back to the otherside of the park for the car! I know I started off at a faster pace than usual so found the middle a bit painful so slowed a little before picking it back up.

Feels so, so good to be able to do this now. I still can't believe I'm running for so long after being so hideously unfit!

Can't wait for my next run on Saturday!


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