Finished at last!

After going back over part of the program because of knee problems (on treadmill) I have done my third 30 minute run. The knees are still an issue and I am intending to transfer to running outside, building up very gradually. It may be that 30 minutes is a bit too much to ask of my 66 year old knees, but anything around 20 minutes will be great as far as I am concerned. Thanks for everyone's support and encouragement so far!


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8 Replies

  • Well done!!!!!! I just saw this as an email update! That's brilliant .. knew you'd persevere. I've gone from trying to run 5K/6K etc. and getting sore knees, to just enjoying being out there and doing runs with bits of walking in between for 20 or 30 minutes-ish. Seems easier on the legs and more relaxed/easier to stick to. I'm sure you'll be able to do that outside if you take it gradually and keep at it.


  • Well done Kay! Congratulations on graduating :)

  • You will be will love outside.. and even for 66 year old knees, you will find some really good outisde routes. My 65 year old knees love it!!! :)

  • Fantastic! Congratulations on completing the programme and sticking with it. :)

  • Congratulations! :D Running outside is lovely and you're certainly picking the right time of year to start! :)

  • Oh well done. I had some knee problems just after graduating which gave me a nasty shock, not ever having had knee pain before. I'm the type who goes for overkill I think but I did 5 things mainly :

    1. Exercises for runner's knee (on youtube) 2x day. They cause no pain but give relief. Now I do them daily including one stretch before and after each run. Unlike the knee exercises on this site you can do them while you have knee pain.

    2. Roll firmly over thighs and calves with a plastic hand held roller before and after each run and after doing the knee exercises.

    3. Run with patella straps under each knee

    4. Avoid running on concrete

    5. Take supplements - fish oil and glucosamine sulphate

    so far no problems but hard to say with my approach what exactly helped! Best of luck with your postgrad running. Sounds like you have a very sensible approach.

  • Thanks Bop - I have the patella straps and will investigate the YouTube exercises and your other hints. Avoiding concrete seems difficult. I was hoping to run along the seafront here but may have to stick to the pavements - what do you think?

  • Well done. I am 57 and into week 12 of running. Well a very slow jog really. I have managed to run 5k in 51 minutes (I kept running until I did 5k on the last of my runs in the final week as I had only managed 3.3k up until then). I try to run 2 if not 3 times a week. I am working towards the Race for Life in Eastbourne in June. I never thought in the beginning I would be able to do it. I am also walking a lot more; into town and I even walked to Newhaven yesterday. I am going to Easytone to try and tone up too having lost a lot of weight over the past 18 months. I am not sure how or why people enjoy running but maybe one day in the future I will. :-)I just want to be healthy and life as long as possible and am almost 9 years in remission from cancer.

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