last run! graduation

The last 9 weeks have seen a big change for me, I've lost about 16 lbs, I'm more confident and I'm a runner! I've done a park run in london and eastbourne both under half hour 5k the second one was timed at 26:38! Just come in from my last run using the same route i started on in week one, just an extended one! and after being on the treadmill for the past month i got a real sense of achievement completing this route on my last run.

Ive entered two 10k runs! friction forrest and the British 10k both pretty soon. I cannot recommend these podcasts highly enough for anyone considering taking up exercise.

I havent quit smoking yet but i do have a real hatred for it now as i know its the only thing getting in my way from being a half decent runner! only a matter of time.

Off to get my graduate badge!

Keep running!

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  • Well done! You are clearly a borne runner to be getting a 5k time like that already !! What a success story! A well deserved graduate badge will be coming your way :)

    What was the Eastbourne parkrun like? That's the one I am hoping to do for the first time soon.

  • Blimey, you're quick ! Well done ! Think how good you'll be when you've stopped smoking - sounds like you're getting close to the moment when you say "That's it, I'm quitting !"

  • Well done, what an amazing achievement.

  • Thanks guys! yes I'm getting there not smoking tomorrow as i want to beat my park run time this saturday! Eastbourne park run is nice not really any hills a little grass and mainly a tar-mac path, not like the mile end run i done last weekend all hills!!

  • Well done Harvey, brilliant times. Get rid of those nasty smokes and use the money for some new running shoes, gadgets, outfits, entry fees.................. :)

  • Wow! Well done Harvey. That's truly inspiring for beginners like me.

  • very well done , i gave up smoking when i read the book alan carrs easy way to stop smoking. i gave up before i read the last chapter given the book to a few of my friends and they have all given up some smokers for 25 years. just a thought if your struggling. keep on runnng its great feeling to graduate eh!

  • I used the same book 8 years ago and have never even craved a smoke since. Unbelievable result after many attempts using patches, gum etc etc.

  • That's a brilliant time, Harvey. Just think of the possibilities without the cigarettes. I kicked them 15 weeks ago, using Champix, and I just wish I'd done it years ago. If smokers could get a taste of how good giving up would make them feel, it would make all the other anti-smoking measures redundant, I think. Good luck. xxx

  • wow, that is brilliant - I'm thinking about park runs now and have tentatively committed to the Nike app training to 10k... exciting times. Well done - keep it up and thanks for the encouraging read :)

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