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Running in the rain - YUK

So far only managed one run this week. This meant that I have had 4 days rest, far too long. But pressure of work, time and rotten weather have conspired against me. So this morning I decided I would do a run before breakfast. At the moment we are in Lake District because of work which means it rains a lot. However despite that I decided it was time for a run. I got soaked this morning and gave up after less than 10 mins running. Shan't be doing that in a hurry!!!!

Anyway the sun decided to shine this afternoon so have just managed to squeeze in a run before tea.

Hopefully I wont have to wait another 4 days before going out again.

Still listening to W9 as I need the inspiration from Laura and I love that last track. Oh the trumpets and those magnificent drum beats. Really gets me going during that last 60 seconds. Can't catch too many of the words apart from one phrase "We are superior". And whether you've just started or have already graduated. We are Superior.

The nice people at Healthunlocked tell me they have now given me my badge. Yipee.

Keeeeeeeeeeeep running (to paraphrase ol' Brucie)

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Sometimes i find running in the rain isnt too bad - as long as it isnt pelting down. It can be cooling


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