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Running in the rain

Why oh why was week 6 run 2 harder than the full 20 minute jog at the end of week 5? Who knows. One of life's mysteries I suppose.

My first afternoon run ever. It's OK, I prefer morning runs, but in a way body's more up to afternoons - it's more awake. Sun came out and I managed just about to fit the run in just before a downpour - running in the mud is fun but slippery! Getting there slowly....10 more runs to go till graduation ;-)

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Yes I found that and many others on here, strange but true! good luck with R3, I've got it tomorrow, slightly scared!! ;)


Good luck tomorrow Runningwild, I'm a day behind you and absolutely terrified of 25 minutes non-stop and without Laura on Wednesday. Oh well and Gung Ho :-D


We'll do it, just wait and see! You'll hear her halfway I'm sure, then at the end saying how wonderful you are...Good luck ;)


It's weird, isn't it, that W6R1 and 2 seem so much harder than the 20 minute run. I usually run in the early mornings now but used to go out in the evenings, which was more relaxing in a strange sort of way. Not so sure about the rain, I got thoroughly soaked and chilled in a warm-down walk the other day, then got accosted by 2 ladies who were lost on a long hike and it's put me off going out when rain threatens.

You will be fine with W6R3! You've built up to it, and Laura will talk you through. Don't forget to take a hanky for the emotional moment when she tells you you're a runner!!


Will do Soozz - always have hankies with me cos I tend to dribble when I've run a bit -- I know, how disgusting! Anyway, funny but I too have started running in the afternoon and it actually wakes me up. I really don't feel as dozy as I did when I went out mornings. But now that I'm back at work I'll need to find a new running rhythm...we'll see...


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