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Week 7done and toning up!

I went for a morning run, not early as I wanted but better than nothing. Every minute till about the fifteenth was tough mentally and I was too hot. I had my new Karrimor capris and t shirt, maybe because I was all in black? Would have been better in shorts. The main thing is I did it, felt exhausted but great, although for the first minute or so after stopping I felt sick. It had to be the humidity and lack of water, maybe I should start taking some? I much prefer running in our normal climate! Even more encouraging my stomach has gone right down, thighs are looking muscley and am really feeling toned, I've noticed my lower abdomen feels very worked out after, don't know if anyone else has had this? Suddenly after a couple of months exercise I'm seeing great results, hurray :)

I love this programme!!!

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Hooray indeed and I agree! I'm week 6 but skipped a couple and tomorrow will be my final 30 min run, managed my first ever 5K on Tuesday :) my abdomen feels tighter and thighs more definition too. It's good to see results from all the hard work we've done!!


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