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Week 6 Completed - Still fizzing hours later

This morning at just after 5am I completed my final run of week 6 the 25 minute one.

I was not buzzing after ( to knackered) but a few hours later I am now fizzing that I did it. Who would have thought 6 weeks would have brought this much improvement when after Week 1 Run 1 I was huffing like a steam train.

Now looking forward to next week to see better progress in stamina and maybe up the pace a little. Want to get try and get nearer a 12 minute mile pace (at about 12min 30 at the moment) depending on if I can get the breathing better. Still struggling in that area but hope that it will get better in time.

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Well done Andy. Glad you're enjoying it. :)

I wouldn't worry too much about the pace.


Well done on getting this far ☺

Please don't get caught up in the speed, time, distance, pace thing at this stage. It's the way to the injury bench it really is. Just concentrate on finishing each session safely. Finishing is the whole point. Nothing else

You can think about other stuff post graduation ☺


Well done! That's fantastic!


Well done, nearly there and week 7 is the same as 6/3 anyway.


Well done Andy; it's a great acheivenent isn't it?!

All running from now on; as others have said though don't worry about pace; focus on completing the times, you wouldn't want to get injured now!! X


Sounds like it's going well. Don't worry too much about your speed at the mo, just dig in and do a nice steady run for the required time. All about consolidation at present.


Well done Andy that's brilliant! 😊

If you are on the iow there is a great run england group called the Tuesday Nighters which operates from newport every week. And our parkrun is very friendly. 😊😆


I think you start before I get home from work. Sundays I run a club from 9am so Sunday are out as well.

Thanks for the offer, off to Love Running tomorrow to say thanks and check out their Gilets

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Jo and simon are lovely!😊they dont open until 10.30 on a Saturday i think as they are very involved with parkrun 😆


Well done Andy, slow and steady is the key.🐵


Well done Andy !

All straight runs now to Graduation !

Good Luck ! :-) xxx


Well done! We can do it now. Just a few runs to go.


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