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Aching legs - What's the best way to shake off the lactic acid aches?

My run yesterday was through the woods (week 6 r 3) and was a lot hillier than what i have been used too. As a consequence I have a lot more aches and pains in my legs and hips due to running up and down steep inclines, it's just the lactic acid thing rather than injury.

From previous experience it is usually worse the day after the day after :) so I am expecting to stiffen up more still tomorrow.

Do any of you have any tips/exercises to minimise the old Lactic acid achey leg thing? My next run is on Wednesday and I would prefer not to run it in the style of the tin man if I can help it!



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Funnily enough I'm lying here with the lactic burn in my calves, backs of thighs and hips having run a few hours ago wondering the same thing. I do quite like it as I know I've done some good... Til the start of the next run of course when I question why the hell I do this! I find if I slow my pace until the pain eases, and always a good stretch at the end of each run there things help, but aren't a complete cure, so I too would welcome some tips. :)


Just this morning I was wondering why I never ache after running, and hoping it doesn't mean I'm not working hard enough (as it feels pretty darn hard). I do always stick religiously to the 5 minute warm-up and cool-down though, so maybe that's it? (Oh, and I only ever run on the flat - along the canal, no hills whatsoever).


This article might be useful:


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This absolutely knocks the nail on the head. I was looking up the same problem. In laymen's terms says "MAN UP" "its natural and the is no cure" NO PAIN NO GAIN. Any way great article and thanks for the post.


I always do a warm up/ cool down walk and make sure I do a selection of stretches straight after every run. This seems to have worked for me.


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