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What's the best way to get to 5K?

I graduated a month ago, having done all 3 runs of week 9. Since then I have been repeating that run on alternate days. My new Endomondo indicates my distance as only 3.68km which is way short of 5km. Google map measured it at 4.4km so I have been a long way off being up to the Parkrun at which I failed miserably if I've really only been going 3.68km on a run.

Recommendations on how to get up to the 5k distance would be greatly appreciated.

I have downloaded Stamina but not used it yet.

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Hi Beek, have you tried a B210K programme? I was also running under 4km when I graduated, but through the Samantha Murphy B210K programme (have only done week 1, week 2 starts tomorrow) I can now run for 40 minutes (5k) without stopping.

I am terribly slow but I want to work on stamina first and then I'll work on speed.



Just do the Park Run. Purely by chance my first 5km was a local run which coincided with my first run of Week 9, and I just kept following the course, knowing that it was more than 30mins as I had Laura in my ears telling me to start walking etc and on that occasion I just ignored her and kept going to the finish line. Have done Park Run twice since, time is still up in the 38 mins but I just go round with Laura and Week 9 podcast and keep going. Actually running for the extra length of time has not caused me a problem - the competitive nature of wanting to finish and get a recorded time keeps me going. The buzz of finishing more than makes up for the time.

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I was going to suggest this too. Best way to get to 5km is to try and run it.

If you can stretch to 45 minutes for just 1 run a week, then an easy 30 minutes run, the a quicker 30 minute run, you'll be amazed at the difference it can make.


Hiya Beek, keep at it, you will get there, think it is just a case of run, then run slower for a little bit longer each time, so next time you run add an extra minute then an extra 5 or whatever you can manage you will be pleasantly surprised with the results I promise you.

But look you are doing 30 minutes running 3 times a week be proud of yourself, I am up and down like a yoyo, one run can take 26 minutes the next 45 minutes no rhyme nor reason, I am now just going with the flow :-) little bunny rabbit :-)


We just started adding a bit further or longer each week : either to the next 5 mins or half a km whichever seemed to give a satisfying round number. Once we got to 5k we kept at that for a bit. Now we've mixed it up - Monday is 30 mins (now up to 4km) Thursday is speed podcast & Saturday is 5 km (now about 38 mins). Soon it'll change again, as when it gets dark we won't be able to run on our field. We need the field for speed cos hubbies legs are longer and we can still see each other doing laps (mine shorter) - on a straight road I'd loose him!!


Definitely do parkrun - it's really good fun, and it doesn't matter how fast you are. I complete my local one around the 40 minutes mark. They do put the results online so you can see roughly where you'd be.

I started the Hal Higdon novice 10k plan after completing C25K the first time, and I got up to 4 miles in the end. It wasn't about speed, but just trying to increase, handful of minutes by handful of minutes.


I agree - do a Parkrun. Don't wait until you know you can run 5K - if you can run for 30 minutes you will do it - it's so much easier running with other people - and everyone is so friendly and encouraging.


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