Back to B210K - Hello lactic acid

Marking, family and life in general had interruped my journey to 10K. I have been running regularly mind you (5k x 3x a week) but since the 5X50 challenge I had certainly drifted by our standards! Plus, I know it's hot in the UK, but I can assure you it's much worse over here, and I just couldn't face those hour long intervals in the heat.

Anyhow, having been a month since Week 5 Run 2, I decided to go back and start afresh from Week 3. And boy, do I feel those intervals on my legs. Hello Samantha and lactic acid!

Hope you are all doing well and surviving the UK heatwave -- Mr DeliaItaly in Reading says it's unbearable. Here's to climate change :-)


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16 Replies

  • Like you have fallen off the B210K wagon. However, I am still managing 6-10k, just not doing the programme at the moment. Got as far as 18mins x3 though before I stopped.

    Heat does not seem to bother me too much though which is good. But early runs tend to be better.

    Enjoy your return to the prgramme.

  • Thanks Burst! You too :-)

  • Admire you both for starting the B210K. Must be hard in this heat. I've decided to go for speed at 5K and do 3,4 and 5K runs with various intervals. Still haven't hit the magic 5K in 30, though, in fact last outside run I struggled to hit 4K in 30, though this was (partly) :-) due to the number of trees down on the trail. Good mixed training, running and clambering!

    The treadmill is undoubtedly easier, 5K in 33 today and I've just realized it's possible to save my treadmill stats onto a usb stick so that's another tech challenge to be met...

    Happy running, anyway, main thing is we're out there doing it and enjoying it at least some of the time :-)

  • Hiya Mitts!

    No worries, I haven't managed the magic 5K in 30 minutes either! Cold comfort?

  • Hang in there -- you can do it!

    I started Bridge-to-10K back in January and got into Week 4 (18 mins x3) before tearing my calf muscle. This was hugely disappointing and, after taking three weeks without running to let it heal (physio's orders!), I had to go all the way back to one minute runs. Not Couch-to-5K Week 1, but still... Like I said, hugely disappointing.

    It took months to work my way back up without causing re-injury, but I finally did it and am now a Bridge-to-10K graduate and a proper 10K runner! I did it, and I'm sure you can, too!

    Happy running!

  • Wow! What a story! Great work!

  • You probably needed a rest after the 5x50 . I ventured out for a walk on Tuesday morning it was lovely and cool did about 3 k round the park, Can't run for six weeks so where do you think I should go back to. Pat :-)

  • I would go back ti week 3 as I did when I broke my wrist. Week 3 is gentle and helped me work may way up gradually -- as I am doing on the 10K program too!

    Good luck Pat xox :-)

  • well done you, it sounds like you are doing really well. As for the heat I don't know how you cope!!

  • Nor do I! Sweating buckets!

  • Good to hear from you. I was wondering how you were getting on. Good luck finishing off b210k, you'll be there before you know it! :)

  • Hope so Roller! xox

  • Don't envy you that heat. Have a 5 mile run coming up and have been forcing myself out in the sun in case it is very hot on the day but it's hard. Also stopped the b210k as going back to the intervals fed my inherent laziness and found myself stopping when trying to do 30 min+ runs inbetween. Have just upped it slowly and finally got to 10k last week - may never happen again!! Good luck with restarting.

  • High five for the 10K -- seems very far off to me as I'm just around 7K which is where I seem to have hit a platform!

  • I have a new found respect for you running in that heat ;-)

  • Thanks Phil, if I'm not home by 8am it is absolute murder!

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