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Week 8 r3 - 4k cheat

Ran a wee bit longer than 28 mins to get to 4k (erm just under 30 min actually..,) to celebrate the fact I'd gone out when I didn't want to. Just one more week to graduate. Blimey.

Fighting a loss of motivation at the moment. But felt better today using the podrunner 150 javelin mix. Easier to relax into it even without Laura. Although I like my music better, it's not helpful for keeping me in an even rhythm.

Might treat myself to a new site to run round later this week. Need to keep it changing to maintain the interest I think. 5k here I come!

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Well done you! It's not cheating, well i hope it isn't coz I did the same thing on my week 8, run 3! I just carried on until I hit the 5k mark. I also was finding a drop in motivation and that high when i hit 5k really gave me the push I needed.

Happy running! :)


Well done both of you - we're pretty much on the same run & it's my W8R3 tonight, the biggest thing for me is that I WILL graduate this week & I really cannot believe it's here already.

But totally agreed with the dip in motivation during W7 & the 5k has just pepped me up again.

Go for it - and happy running too


I did w8r3 today and just did 4km with a sprint at the end to achieve it. It was downhill and felt great! My motivation did the same and I'm wondering what it'll be like after graduating.

There's going to be a lot of us graduating over the next week.

Have you got the bubbly ready chilling?


Not as such. I guess I should. It'd be vodka in my case I think :-)


What, a case of vodka?!!


No, just shot or two. With lemonade and lime. Yum.


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