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Week 8 run1 (again!) completed


Mind over matter! …….. :(

Why oh why is this week feeling so hard :(

I so wanted to give up 14½ minutes in :( week 7 was tough, but week 8 run 1 was just plain exhausting. I did not even feel elated when I had completed the run, never even had the will power to do the 5 minute walk. I just needed to get in my car and get going.

I do hope run 2 of this week feels better, otherwise I’m not sure I will even reach week 9 :(

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No worries gmab51, rotten runs happen ... accept it and move on! There are as any reasons as there are runners: physical and emotional. These last longer runs of the programme are all pretty much mind over matter - all the earlier weeks should have prepared your legs and lungs, you just have to get your head around the almost half hour runs. We're you tired?

However, you DID complete the times required! Well done. How about changing route, music, time of day, direction, running outfit ... anything to keep your mind excited about your achievements? Please don't give up at this point, you've really come so far... Better, happier feelings next time out!

Cheers, Linda


Hi g, I am really struggling with any of the runs past 20 minutes too. :( Have been running over the winter but with big gaps due to holidays. Struggled through week 8 early March and ended up with blood blister under one of my bunions. Started running again last couple of weeks but always very sore after 20 mins so taking longer rests between runs. Managed a 30 mins last Saturday so calling that my W9R1 - not sure when I'll manage R2 though. :o

I think we'll just have to persevere (and harden up my feet somehow :o ). We''l get there eventually. :)


We all have less than perfect runs sometimes, it just happens for no reason. Mine was week 7, took me two weeks to get though it, but I persevered and did it. Are you maybe starting out too fast? I know I had a problem with that!

You are almost there your green badge is almost in sight. :-) Keep going.

Best of luck with your next run.


Thank you everyone for your support, and I do so wish hard feet upon you andi22 ;) .... lol

I used my garmin watch for the first time to-day, and I'm along way of the 5k, (3.50 in 28 mins) so I'm a plodder ...

Graduates please tell me, that it does get easier!!! ...... :D


I reckon it does get easier, but you just set yourself different challenges :) And I don't want to depress you, but I hate the first 12 - 15 minutes of every run - still. After that, things ease off, so I just have to tell myself to keep going at the start and that things will get better. I also found that I needed two rest days as the runs got longer.

Don't worry, you're doing really well and you can do this. Have faith in the programme and let us know how you get on :)


Thank you Anniemurp I will keep at it, your words are very much appreciated.

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