Week 8 Run 3

Well completed it today having had just one days break since R2

This was the first time I felt very leaden and heavy footed towards the end of the run and quire frankly running another two minutes seemed a forlorn hope I was knackered at the end LOL

I think i will leave it two or three day to recover before I embark on week 9

Ah well 3 more runs to go then I can go back to being a couch potato hehehehe

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  • Yeah, plump up the cushions and put the white wine in the fridge. Your sofa awaits.............as if. You can't get this far and then give it all up. There's a whole world of running out there, come rain or shine.

    Enjoy your running and good luck with W9!

  • The problem is I just don like running I will complete the course but will miss the discipline it brings to training and whilst my improvement from week 1r1. Is amazing I don't feel fitter or better than I was 8 weeks ago

  • Eight weeks ago you couldn't run for 28 minutes, could you? That is a measure of fitness. How else are you going to gauge your fitness? Once you finish the course, you can take the pressure off yourself, ease back the pace a bit and just run for fun. Try running in a different environment, maybe with other people or perhaps at a Park Run. I find it hard to get my head round your situation, because most people here, myself included, have been amazed at how much they enjoy running against expectation.

    I found lots of the runs a slog because I was trying too hard, but determination got me to the end and now I just love to run, where I want, when I want and at the right pace for me. Simply knowing that I am fit enough to be able to do this is enough for me.

    Good luck with W9 and I hope you discover the sheer joy that most of us experience when we run.

  • Thx for your encourging words You say "most people here have been amazed at how much they enjoy running against expectation" which of course means some don't and perhaps I am just one of them

    I have never really liked running so the challenge of C25K was to actually do it not to change my view on running

    Riding a bike is far more fun and I will probably do just that post C25K

  • That's fair enough, but I would say it takes a bit longer than 9 weeks for some of us to find out we enjoy it. There was an interesting thread on the Guardian running blog on this theme recently:


    Not to try and change your mind - enjoy your bike if running's really not for you. :-)

  • A cyclist.....well my sons a cyclist and I know they are a different breed. Good luck and keep fit

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