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Week 8, run 3 and 5k!

Well, I had a good run today, started off strong(ish), faded a little around the 18 minute mark and then thoroughly enjoyed everything from 20mins on, so much so that when I got to 28 mins and saw I was so close to 5k I decided to keep going to see how long it would take... 31.31 secs!

Am so happy, I think I really needed this, I've been feeling a little bit lacking in motivation for when I graduate also lacking in confidence in whether I am cut out to be a runner, but this made me feel like it's all possible. Not the 5k mark, but just being able to continue running after Laura had told me to stop and to carry on without the encouragement.

Here's to the final week!

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you know I am so with you there - wk7 & wk8 should come with a health warning -


that is a seriously good time though - you should be so proud & something to lookforward to beating during Wk9?

I too started too strong and also just did my first ever 5k distance in 34:24, but haven't dared push beyond Laura telling me to stop - my target is to hear her say stop & then not to collapse on the tarmac.

Good luck with Wk9 - happy running


Oh, I don't think I can beat that time anytime soon! I think I just needed to know that I could do it on my own, I've been panicking a little about finishing the plan and what comes next but now I feel better about it. I was a glowing (i.e. sweaty!) mess when I got home though! Good luck with your next run, we're about the same aren't we?


Hey ! well done, you did great :-) thats brilliant, You know already that you'l be able to do the 30 minutes next week, because you already have. :-)

Last week now for you :-)

Week 9, how amazing does that sound !!! Im so excited for us all that are getting close now :-D


Can't quite believe it! Nervous about post c25k though! :)


Congratulations on reaching 5km already! I graduated last night and plan on going for a slow and steady 7km run on Saturday morning, I have heard that the best way to improve 5km times is by running further to improve your stamina.


Congratulations too on your runs! You have really great times! And a new personal best yesterday too, no?

I guess I'm just going to keep going slow and steady, I'm averaging about 6.20 mins a km which seems pretty good but I don't mind slowing down to run further.

Anyway, thanks! :)


Thanks, it was nice getting a PB on my graduation run! Every time I have increased my distance so far I have slowed down for the first run and then increased the pace afterwards, I think that is the sensible thing to do to avoid injury. I want to improve my distance and speed and I dont mind if it takes a while.


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