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Terrible run today!!

Yes -- I know- we all have bad days !! :) - and nearly always for unknown reasons. I did a 8K easy run on Tuesday - so this morning I did another of the same length but different route. ( pretty much the same starting point) . I wore different shoes. I DID notice that on my walk to the start point, my HR was higher than normal -- perhaps 10BPM higher than normal?? Didn't take much notice of it - thought to myself, maybe I am striding out a bit faster than normal?? But from the start onwards, my calves and achilles complained from the first step -- I got swollen/numb feet on each side ( this has happened before but not commonly) and I seemed to struggle to keep my HR down.

Anyway - I had no option but to finish the run -- it was pretty slow ( not that I am really recording time anymore) - well over an hour for only 8K - but average HR was only 4 beats over Tuesdays run??

Legs are quite tired/sore today - maybe I am doing too much?? Have been travelling quite OK up to today though!! ???? Must measure my resting HR first thing in the morning - IF I can remember!!!

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I think its remarkable you do what you do at 68, I'd be lucky to raise a smile. I wouldn't put to much emphasis on the heart rate, you don't know just how accurate it is. I'd have a day off to recover, you know you are an advocate of that. remember, the main thing is getting out there and doing something and you did that.


I feel for you, I have had a lot of runs like that lately with pains etc...a few things that may help:

Loosen your laces?

Remember your warm up walk

Start really slowly ( If I don't this is when I have problems)

Lots of stretching afterwards

Hopefully the next one will be better...and take care



Thanks - I am thinking "shoes" - because it was just going to be an easy run, I put on a pair of "cheapies" -- going to parkrun on Saturday, so I will definitely wear my NIKE Free 5.0's which never seem to fail me. :) -- I've got 4 pairs now!! :)


aha that adds up...and good plan...!!


I did a 10k a couple of days ago, then went out last night to do 5k. Failed completely. Just didn't want to run at all. Legs hurt, couldn't breath, blah, blah, blah. I just went home, and I'll try again tonight. Sometimes it's just not meant to be.


Sometimes you just need a bit more recovery time between runs. I often attribute a poor run to general tiredness. Maybe take 2 days off before your next run and see if things improve.


It is amazing what a good workout can do to you recovery. I have started doing zumba. I went out for a run the day after and my legs felt like somebody elses. I also perform much better in my 'best' shoes rather than my cheap ones.


I've been having trouble with this too - I think for me in part it's been due to not stretching enough afterwards. I'm also trying to be a bit more conscious about how much water I'm drinking, and what I'm eating, as this can effect your recovery and performance too. Dr Mercola has good uptodate online advice:

Perhaps it might help doing a different type of run after your long run? I'm extremely new to this, so trying desperately not to teach to suck eggs, but I was complaining about finding my post-grad runs really uncomfortable , with the achy heavy legs. The guys suggested mixing things up with intervals, then hills and one long (er) run each week. Night before last I went out and did a hill session, shorter distance and in spite of it being hard work I felt much more relaxed and happy. It could also just be a case of needing to stick your feet up and have a rest!


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