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Doh! So near (w8r3) and yet, so far

After getting bad hip pain, sorting my shoes out, building up again, made it to W8, 2 runs down 1 to go. Had heel pain, had extra days rest, tried run 3, but no go. Heel pain - or after a bit of research plantar fasciitis, so resting again now, stretches, compression sock etc., and hope pain will be gone in about a week. A bit glum as my 'special' birthday is not far away now and wanted to complete the programme before then, I still might make it. What would my fellow C25K'rs recommend I start from, (when the heel pain has gone) 20 minutes? The 28 mins was fine otherwise.

Thanks all :-)

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I suffer with plantar fasciitis, the trick is to do the stretches regulary. When i come back from running [i'm Wk 8 Run 3] one of my stretches is using the bottom step on the stairs. Balance on your toes with heels hanging over, then push up on to your toes, hold for abit then lower your heels right down and feel the stretch. At one point i thought i might have to give in but i have just carried on, having extra days rest. Another tip is to roll your foot on a rolling pin Hope this helps we are nearly there Good Luck and Happy Birthday


Thanks ksed, yes, Thanks for the advice, I have noticed how tight my calves get, I had the same thing quite a few years ago, it's good to know what it is, and how to help it, I don't want to give up now, this has been so good for me, and not just physically.

Thanks for the good wishes, same to you, I hope next time I blog I will be a graduate, funny how this grows on you!

Best wishes M x


Its quite addictive isnt it! I used to say ' i wish i could run! ' Now look at us

Best Wishes ksed


I had plantar fasciitis some years ago, it was absolutely horrible. The calf stretch advice is great, and I would also consider getting some inserts for your shoes. I think I bought the Scholl ones from Boots - they were somewhere around the 20 quid mark, so they're not cheap, but I found they really helped.


Thanks Fletchasketch, yes, years ago I did a long run with a mate from college and had it then, so painful, didn't know what it was, (same foot) but it isn't as bad as that now, (the pain scared me and went on for weeks) but is sore. I am finding the rolling pin excellent, and have been doing the stair stretches. I have had gait analysis and new shoes a few weeks ago, this is the first time this has happened. Perhaps I didn't warm up enough. Anyway, I have also got compression socks they seem to help too. Have seen the inserts, will keep them in mind, many thanks.

M :-)


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