Graduation-so near yet so far!

Should have done w9r2 today but, as I'm taking 2days rest between run because of my ancient knees, was going to do it tomorrow. However I must have really annoyed the Running Pixies because not only are said ancient knees being a right nuisance and still niggling after Tuesday's run but also my asthma has decided to play up- so obviously no hope of doing r2 tomorrow. I'm really fed up. Actually I'm really really fed up. I feel like I'm almost there but it's slipping out of my grasp *very sad face indeedy*


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  • Wise words KK. The knees I might possibly have risked because they felt better when I was running on Tuesday than they did when I was walking but the asthma is like a great big full stop! Dratted tree pollen gets me every year. Grrrrrr xx

  • I was supposed to be doing run 2 but haven't been feeling well - dizzying no feeling sick not a good combination for running. I feel so disappointed. But it's better to rest and finish strong.

  • Commiserations Spoonie, this being under the weather is rubbish isn't it? Normally I'd just accept that this is a bad time of year for me, but this year I have goals to achieve and fitness to build and I'm impatient to get on and graduate. Patience is a virtue but I'm NOT feeling virtuous, I'm feeling cross and disappointed. Hope you're feeling better soon and we can both do r2 soon xx

  • Nooooo - don't lose hope! It's so frustrating when things like this happen & you may have to take a few extra days rest but that's the best thing in the long run (excuse the pun). You will get there & it will be all the sweeter for it :)

  • Thank you LSB, you've managed to put a positive spin on a rubbish thing. xx

  • No no. Just a bit delayed - not slipping out of your grasp. You can and will complete this. Just be kind to your body and don't get frustrated. It will feel amazing when you get there, but in a way finishing C25K is just the start of your running adventures. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you Ullyrunner, kind and wise words to soothe my bad mood xx

  • Hang in there I had that feeling on week 7 and had 4 days inbetween two runs as I just didn't feel up to it. After rest and much icing I was on my way but it took a week and a half until I could run after 1 days rest again. You only have two runs to go!!!!! Be kind to yourself and give yourself the adivice you would give if it was someone else in your situation. Can't wait to congratulate you when you graduate. Have you tried icing?

  • Thank you Laurae that's such good advice. I'm doing the whole RICE thing with a very few gentle stretches. The walk to the polling station this evening wasn't great - encountered my twin running nemeses of hills and tree pollen, so know I'm just going to have to sit it out for a few days and be patient xx

  • No no dont feel like that, give it a couple of days and off you go, You will do this, you cant not after coming so far. I will be rooting fir you and waiting to see your lovely shiny badge

  • Thank you Sweetie, you're right, I will get there-eventually xx

  • I sympathise with your poor knees. I have achey legs and ankles at the mo and was today reading up and apparently anti histamines can be used to alleviate the symptoms. You could kill two birds with one stone Ancientmum

  • Cracking tip there MissW, I may have to do some investigating. Hope you're feeling less achey-breaky today xx

  • Oh it is really frustrating isn't it when you feel so keen to get out there and get on with it? Be patient though and look after yourself and you'll be back before you know it. Isn't it funny how running very quickly becomes so important to us? I know it's something I never expected to say! Take care xx

  • You're so right Spanner. A couple of months ago I couldn't even have imagined running being such an important part of my life and now look at me! I'm whining and complaining because I've got to have a few days enforced rest. Guess I'm well and truly hooked ( like everyone else on here.) Thank you for your good wishes. xx

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