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So near yet so far

Been trying to get 5k under 40 minutes. Today 40.04. Grrrrrr!!!!!!! Only doing 5k once a week as it's taking my shins so long to recover, so I really look forward to these runs. Two fitbits and phone all working well this time, but difficult to check as I run . If I could have checked without falling over, I would have pushed through the agony to shave off 5 seconds. Next time...

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What a bu** er. It's not good when technology lets us down, but there's always next time when you'll push that little bit harder and get that magic number! Good luck.


I'm sure 5 seconds is within an acceptable degree of error for those GPS satellites ;). That being said, I hear your pain. So, so close.



I am not a graduate yet

I am on week 7 run 1 with a score of 36 min and distance of 4.40 km

Well I guess it's not that 5 second late but a message to yourself that this goal is nearly achieved so plan ahead

Go for the next goal of 5 k in 35 mins.

If you can achieve 5 k in 40.05 then you can also achieve 5 k in 35

All the best

And remember

Pain is temporary- it may last for a day or week or month or even a year but when pain subside what left on its place is strength.

So just keep going

Keep running


Heggers, it's in the cards. You know it & we know it. You'll break u your record on your next attempt. It's all learning (from) & improving (on) now.

Lord Obe


f you're having shin pain is it because of your shoes? You shouldn't have to put up with any pain at all, if you haven't done it go to a good sport shop and get gait analysis. Good shoes will make all the difference. For those 5 seconds, are you using Runkeeper or something similar? Mine is set to tell me time elapsed, distance and pace, that would be a great help to you at this stage.


you will get there heggers :D i have tech issues sometimes too, really pi**es me off when it happens , keep at it heggers you will smash that 40 :D


Hey heggers, ditto curly, you shouldn't be having shin pain, the cushioning might be naff in your shoes, I'm with curly, would recommend getting a gait analysis - if it is the shoes, new ones will give you wings !



So close damn. At least u know u can do it now


Thanks guys. I recently bought new shoes, which are super comfy. I've taken a brave step and booked in with a sports physio tomorrow, so let's see what they say. I honestly think it's the extra weight I'm carrying, but feel I'd like to know for sure. Will let you know.

On the plus's my girls' Running Club tomorrow. Whoop!


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