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Shoes, I mean really !

I am just about to do Wk8 run 1, and my knees hurt first one and then both. I spoke about it and realised my trainers were starting to look a bit worn.

Off to the local running shop, did not realise they existed, and had a fitting. Mmm the lady was very friendly and polite, however it was clear my trainers ASICS were not running shoes, yep there is a difference folks. In fact she also said they were worn out, even if they were not running shoes.

30 mins later and I nopw have a pair of shoes that were described as "spider man shoes" when I got home.

No this was no cheap, no it was not the cheapest place to buy the shoes either, however

1) They feel great

2) They actually fit me

3) They took videos of me running on a treadmill

4) I arrived at the end of a busy Saturday, the service I got with multiple pairs to try was great

4) They suggested a run up and down in the street.

They gave me lots of leaflets on different topics which are useful.

As they were so helpful I asked some questions about stuff I might not have done.

Thank you Up and Running in Horsham, they have shops all over the place.

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It makes a huge difference doesn't it? We have a shop like that in Bristol where I hobbled in just after graduating, and after a week with my new shoes, my shins were fine. Enjoy running in them :)


Care to say what the shop is called, and where it is, please, Juicy? My old trainers are very old, and I've asked for some running shoes for Christmas!


Its called,'Easy Runner' in Bristol, but there are lots of similar places dotted about if you aren't nearby...


Thanks, Juicy, I'll find that. Do they charge for the running assessment? Or is it covered by the shoe purchase?


they charge if you don't purchase ( about 15 quid). Are you in Bristol? Do you come to park run?? If not then come and join us!!!!


Yes, I'm in Bristol, but no, I haven't tackled a park run yet. Don't feel I'm up to a 5k run just yet. I've been round the Pomphrey Hill course, didn't enjoy it. Too hilly for me at the moment. And I know someone who loves the Ashton Court course, which looks a nightmare to me! I'm attracted to the Little Stoke course because it's flat. Which one do you use?


Me and my son do Aston Court...its totally fab. I have been doing it since I graduated from C25K..its hard but great let us know and we will meet you and look after is fab...honestly :)


I went to Hobbs in Cambridge, the lady must have spent over an hour with me..I had sort of thought about taking a note of the name of the shoes she recommended and buying them from the internet, but it just didn't seem right after all that attention and great service.. she said as well if they were not right I could bring them back up to 28 days later - hows that for service?


So, where's the photo then? A photo of new shoes is the law hereabouts.

Too true Curly. Great service makes you want to give the shop your business. These shops are supporters of local races too so they are doing their bit. The trainers that get returned for one reason or another are offered for sale at races by the shops themselves who set up a stall. I am doing a race in a few weeks which is sponsored by a running shop. You can ask them to bring shoes that you'd like to try and they'll bring them along. Great stuff! They sell older models too at knock down prices.


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