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Week 7 Run 2 - so much for a sprint finish

That's Week 7 Run 2 done with no real problems - have had a very stiff ankle since Sunday's run so I was a bit worried about that, but it wasn't at all sore while I was running (it is now!). Bit of ice and it should be OK I think.

I tried very hard to do that last minute at a faster pace, as Laura encouraged, and was feeling very pleased with my 'sprint' finish... right up until I got home and looked at my Endomondo stats. My finishing pace was actually slower than my second kilometer... it was just a lot faster than the rest of my final 5 minutes, by which time I was really starting to plod! Hilarious.

Ah well never mind, it's definitely getting more comfortable so I shall just keep going and worry about the speed later. I measured the running part on its own today and I covered 3.45 km in 25 minutes, so still a long way off the 5k in 30 minutes, but I am optimistic that I'll get there one day (just not by week nine!).

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