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Wk5 run2 total disaster

Well I got up this morning at 5.30am to do wk5 run2. I managed run1 quite effortlessly, but this morning I couldn't even run for 4 minutes. I just could not breathe. I was really disappointed getting up at that time just to fail. I will go back to run1 again I think, although I do feel quite wheasy still. It didn't help that I had problems with my treadmill so had to go outside. It just wasn't meant to be this morning.

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some days it just goes like that! no doubt when you try this again you will wonder what all the fuss was about! good luck


Yep, agree with Lingmell, days like this just happen and there seems to be no rhyme or reason. The good news (just read a few more blogs on here!) folk really do seem to find their next outing, after a perceived disaster, an absolute breeze!

So, put it and the doubting gremlins behind you (actually you did get out there and try, so no shame at all) and just do the same run again next time - rather than going backwards.

Running outside is very, very different from being indoors on a treadmill - I reckon it's a squilllion times nicer if you can get used to it. Maybe you need a little longer rest and strengthening time before your next run? Anyway, chin up, it will all be better next time, and the sun will shine on your smile of satisfaction all the way round! :D

Take care, Linda x


Thanks guys. I have decided to try again and not go back to run 1, so watch this space. I was just so disappointed as I am doing the "Race for Life" on Sunday so I wanted to be able to run a lot of it.


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