Wk5 run2

YES!!! I did it and again reasonably comfortably. A little more gremlins to battle with this time but just kept telling myself to relax. It was cold though I had to put my hood up which is most unlike me but I soon heated up. Enjoyed it again which is the main thing. I must admit I am a little scared about the "big one" on Thursday but hey ho bring it on.

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  • Well done! You've done the work for run 3 you can do it! It seems a big step, but it is do-able. Good luck :)

  • Thanks northernspirit. The encouragement on this blog does a lot for all our egos.

  • My best advice about the big one is plan a treat for when you have finished

  • Great stuff, ML. Take it slow & steady, listening to Laura and we'll await celebratory news on Thursday.


  • Hi - everyone is a little intimidated by W5R3. Read some posts for week 5 and you'll see people can do it, and so can you. Let us know how you get on and good luck.

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