Wk5 run1

Did Wk5 run1 yesterday and am so pleased I managed it reasonably comfortably. I didn't get out of breath and I was not yelling at Laura to "Please tell me it is finished". Only fault was I went too far and had to walk for a while after podcast had finished. I will do the same route on Monday again which will compensate for the extra running in run2. I am really enjoying each run this time round. Bring on run2!!!!

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  • Sounds like a very enjoyable run. Hopefully you had the same lovely sunny weather we had here to make the walk a pleasant one :)

  • Thanks Hilbean yes the weather was lovely so it waSN'T TOO BAD.

  • well done ML :D sounds like you have got it covered , keep at it :D

  • You sound really fired up which is great. Bring on run 2 indeed!

  • It's hard sometimes isn't it judging where your run will finish? The other day I had a very long walk home in the freezing cold, that was a bit grim. Spring's coming though, enjoy your running xxx

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