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W1 Run2 despite problems


So, I completed my W1 run1 on Sunday 1st (on my Birthday as a present to myself) and run 2 was scheduled for Tuesday. Unfortunately mum took ill and spent all day into the night in A&E with her before she finally got a bed at 3 in the morning, so needless to say I didn't manage Tuesdays run. But really proud that I have managed to do it today instead so still on track. In the past this would have been an excuse to give up, but I am determined to get fitter and be able to run. Found this one a bit harder but hopefully will find it gets easier as I get fitter. Best wishes to all xx

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So sorry to hear your mum had to go into hospital Beestonbabe. That's a worry for you...

Going for your runs can help clear your head for a while...

She is being well looked after, and I hope will be better soon.

Try not to tense up, just a gentle jog for the run intervals, and you will find it becomes easier...

Take care😊x

BeestonbabeGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks x


We have abandoned the 9 week thing. We do each week until we are feeling better with it and then move on. I personally thing that the schedule is very hard for someone who has been unfit for years. That can demoralise and make some give up. So your pace is what you should do. Good luck and hope mum is OK x

Fab, you can do it 😊

Very sorry to hear about your Mum’s illness. Hope things are looking a bit better for her soon. Happy Birthday too and well done for getting Tuesday’s run in today and staying on track! You can do it. No need to put too much pressure on yourself. Just take it one run at a time at your own pace. It gets easier as you move forward. 🙂 Best of luck to you!

BeestonbabeGraduate in reply to Decker

Thank you for your support x

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