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Well this run sucked!

Many reasons - footsteps reverberating in my head was the start, brand new leggings trying to escape my body baring my behind to the unsuspecting wildlife, shins hurting, breathing all to pot, and quite frankly the co-ordination of a muppet on drugs! I ended up stopping short on two of the runs and was eternally grateful to get to the end!

My eye is a fetching shade of black with red tinges, painkillers are keeping the pain at bay, and possibly would have done for the run if i'd taken the damned things on time.

So my plan for the coming week is to have a rest day tomorrow, and start from the beginning on Tuesday with a clean slate.

Reet deep breath and start again!

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Oh dear! We all have bad runs but yours really made me chuckle (sorry!). Hopefully your next run will be better and less muppet-ish!


Oh dear! Totally understand because I didn't have a great run this morning either.... I'll remember the muppet on drugs for ages with a big smile though. Thanks


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