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It will be at least a week between W5R3 and W6

I'm not sure how it will go next week when I put my Asics back on. But I was right to check in with the doctor today - my coughing and spluttering kept me awake last night. Advantage was that I watch The Life of Pi in peace and quiet. Swiss healthcare might be steep in price, but well worth it. She checked me out and said I am a bit chesty (she was referring to my lungs, but I did chuckle to myself), then did a blood test to see if I am viral or bacterial. They do it there and then and get the result immediately. Seems to be borderline result so she put me on antibiotics for 3 days. I somehow managed to get pneumonia last year, so she is being super careful.

But it means that I'm not allowed to run until at least Tuesday, and then I have to take it easy. So it will be a week between W5R3 and starting W6. I hope I don't lose too much fitness in between. Maybe I will need to be ready to do W5 again.

So, it's rest and recuperation for me. Gentle weekend and lots of vitamin C :)

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Rest up..... And take care. I am going to repeat wk5 next week to become more comfortable with the pace and distance over the 20 minute run intervals.


Hope you are soon recovered


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