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Week 3 - and Laura's at it!

Dear Laura, we have a settled relationship by now.You chime in at the end of a run when it's time to start walking again and I gratefully allow my rubbery legs to slow to even more of a crawl. Or sometimes I speed up since I walk faster than I can run.

But not tonight. Oh no. When I heard your dulcet tones, like Pavlov's dog I responded by starting to walk, only to realise you'd actually said "you're halfway there." WTF Laura? That's not how we roll. You don't pipe up when I'm breathing out my arse just to tell me I'm only halfway there!

And your music gets worse by the week too.

So, Week 3. My legs are killing me right now. This feels like week 1 again, except for the fact that I can now run for 3 times as long as I could on week 1. And when I say I was breathing out my arse tonight, when I think back I was a lot worse after about 15 seconds of W1R1. Who'da thunk it?

I did the 90 second runs and I stopped about 4 seconds short of the first 3 minute run. Although I deserve a pat on the back for making it that far after the crushing disappointment of Laura coldly informing me I was halfway through. I struggled on the second 3 minute run. The insides of my knees were sore, in a "not used to using these muscles" kind of way, rather than an injury type way. And the insides of my thighs felt like jelly.

I stopped for a few seconds every so often during the second 3 min run and then tried to make up for it at the end. Somehow I feel more like I did after the Week 1 runs, where afterwards I was quite pleased with the progress I'd made, even if I didn't quite stick to the planned programme to start with. And I improved with each run on Week 1, whereas Week 2 was just a slog for me and it was just something to get over with rather than something to consider as progress.

If I can make the same type of progress this week as I could on Week 1, then I'll be happy. I just hope my legs have recovered by the time run 2 comes around!

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Oh, I remember that 'half way' comment - what a nasty shock that was! Well done for keeping going after momentary pauses - definitely building up progress there. :)


You are finding it tough, but as you said you are doing 3 times as much as you're were 3 weeks ago. If you are still finding it difficult at the end of the three runs just repeat until it is comfortable. But remember you are doing great and your body will adjust. X


I don't swear as much as I used to at Laura, but we do have a love hate relationship at times :) For the first 4 to 5 weeks I hated her, but by the end of week 6, she made me blub like a baby!

Well done on keeping going, those legs will recover and one day you to may learn to love Laura ;)


Does anyone else find that when Laura tells you there's one minute to go it seems like the longest minute ever? I know I can "run" for a minute but that last minute seems to drag on for a really long time?

Congratulations on getting to week 3, it's tough but you've done the hardest part which is deciding to follow the program and getting that first run under the belt!


Yes Beth I thought that about the last minute too, in fact I was begging her to tell me to stop. LOL I made it though and have now completed run2 or week 4. :-)


Well done. Reading your blog actually made me chuckle. :-) Good luck on your next run, you can do it just go slow.


Thanks guys. There's been a big change in a short time. Don't think I can go slower than I already am though! I'm aiming to just get to the 30 min mark, no matter how far I actually run in that time. After that, then I'll look to get to 5k and speed up a bit.

Still a way to go though, but I'm 30% of the way there!


Ha ha, the music I loved it and hated it, some tracks just made me cross. Think I might go down memory lane and play some of that stuff. As for Laura! I did mutter a few obscenities. Sorry Laura but you were virtual as in not actually running by my side...I'm not that rude, but in ur defence you got me through it. We all find it tough, just go at your own pace and you will one day after run 3 week 9 miss Laura dreadfully :)


Wholeheartedly agree about the music, they should optionally provide the voice overlays so you can put your preferred music on underneath. Would make the experience much more enjoyable imo. Just done W3R2 today though and second time round was much easier than the first so it's worth sticking with it.


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