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Trousers slipping down. Maybe the elastic is stretching ---or M A Y B E something else???

Didn't think I could manage a run today but needed to get W4R3 behind me. Out moving bees around very early doors so had to settle with late morning running - and it's too hot for me out there! (Not complaining - the bees are desperate for some warmth!)

I managed all the runs really well this time. On the return leg the lovely cool breeze headwind for my walk section became to feel like a gale and hard to run against for the last 5 minute run. Turned on to the river bank for last half of it and took such a thumping tumble. Fair knocked all the stuffing out of me! Grazed both wrists, one elbow and both knees. Felt every bone in my body rattle! Thank goodness I was not on tarmac.

So now I am pleased I made space to do it today and keep on track with the programme. W5 on Monday! Hmmm

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Ooooh BEEK! That sounds sore!

Week 5 is a piece of cake (well, a very LARGE slice of cake)! You'll be fine - Week 4 is tough if you're new to running. I found it pretty hard to mentally jump over the 5 minute hurdle - but I did! So keep your footing next outing and take care!


Hi danzargo. Yes, feeling a tad battered all over now - but I'll mend! I don't listen to the pod casts beforehand just wait until I have to do it. Many bloggers have said going up to week 5 is hard but I will just go with the mantra 'slow and steady'. That has always got me through in the past! It all seems to be as much a question of getting your head sorted out and it working with you.


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