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My lungs are an enigma

Today I ran for only the third time since August. During both last week's run and the run preceding that, I used my Ventolin prior to and during my run. My lungs managed ok during the run, but afterwards threw a big tantrum which lasted 2 or 3 days each time.

After advice from you lovely people who replied to my post in the questions bit of this site, I decided to experiment today. I didn't use Ventolin at all, not before or during the run. My lungs could have done with a little help during the run, but so far are MUCH better :-) I was however even slower than usual :-(

Thanks to Julia321 and the others of you who gave me advice :-*

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Now, now... Slow is good! :D Hope your lungs continue to be better. Take care.


Well there's slow Greenlegs, and there's stationary ;-)


Hehe, that's a start, at least you know the Ventolin was probably behind the 2-3 day backlash. Now go see that asthma nurse and see if it would be appropriate to try a longer acting bronchodilator (like Symbicort, but presumably there are others too if you don't need the inhaled steroid component). Do keep carrying an inhaler with you though while you experiment.

I noticed on my run on Saturday that my breathing patterns while running were settling down. I remember in week 2 just laughing at the idea of one pace for every four paces, or I would have laughed if I had any breath. I was just gasping every two footfalls. Now things have really settled a lot and my breathing is fairly steady so long as I don't go too fast.


Don't worry, I've made an appointment with my asthma nurse, although its not until 1st November, and I still carried the Ventolin with me. I could have done with a bit of help during the run (I'm using it as an excuse for my ultraslow pace!) but resisted. My lungs are so much better today than they usually are the morning after. I will definitely be asking for Symbicort. My brother (a runner of 30+ years experience) has been raving about it for ages (but who ever believes their big brother ;-) )

Thanks again Julia x


heiii that is fantastic news!

am so glad to hear it went so well:) (even though it was a bit of a stuggle - but heii every run is;)

smart move to have that ventolin with you, I always take my symbicort with me - even though I almost never have to take one during a run - but I've once or twice had to use it - and I was so grateful I had it with me:)

honestly I'm just so amazed at how much my asthma has "cured" since I started the symbicort - I went from almost couching out my lungs numerous times during the day - to a couch free life:)

love that stuff

and slow pace! welcome to the turtle pace group - I'm a proud member :D


Thanks Frikkadella. I'm amazed how much better my lungs are today without having used Ventolin. I should have listened to my brother months ago, but hey, who evet listens to advice from their big brother! x


hehehe exactly!! :D don't you feel better also? you know much more energy? I always find it that big asthma attacks are just so draining on my energy and I feel just like a flat tire after wards, sometimes the day after too, if it was really bad. (which thankfully happens almost never nowadays)


I've managed to stay out of hospital (3 admissions, each lasting 4 days, in the past 5 years!) since staring Seratide 2 years ago. Hope that Symbicort will be another improvement x


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