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Week 7 and a half

I've had a week off - been camping in Northumberland. Lovely part of the country but very hilly. Where I live it's virtually as flat as Holland so I jumped out of running. After a week off I wasn't sure how I'd do today, so I loaded up week 7 podcast. It went well and I ran through most of the cool down walk. I reckon I'll have done at least 28 mins so on Sunday I'll load up the week 8 podcast and see how I do.

One other thing - camping trip was cut short due to constant rain. Typically the day after we cone hone, it's glorious sunshine! Next time I go camping it'll be a case of if we get a good weather forecast & I'm not at work we'll load up the car, find a campsite within 3 hours drive that has a free pitch and just go for it :-)

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You must be doing well to be able to run through the cool down. Im struggling to get to the end of 25 minutes. Well done.

risky business that camping lark :-) seen a hotel somewhere online that was a room with a mini caravan and tent in the room. Now that's more like it haha


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