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Week 7 with a new gadget!

So after taking two weeks off c25k as I was in England and am definitely a fair weather runner, I am now back in Switzerland and can go out without any risk of a downpour! Having said that it's now difficult as it's so darned hot! It was 26 today and I've decided the reason I adapted my run to avoid a hill is because of the heat. Seriously, how do people run in hot weather?! There didn't seem to be any air, the sun was blazing down and even when there was a slight breeze it was warm and not refreshing in any way! Any advice on how to cope with the heat? I think I preferred it when it was -15 back in February and I never thought I'd be saying that...

It was my birthday when I was in the UK and I got a Nike+ iPod thing which I am loving! You just plug it into your iPod and it measures you pace and your distance and time and best kilometres etc. Fantastic! I've found that Laura has deserted the podcast a bit this week, only telling me about 5mins, 12.5mins and 20mins so when I need a bit of a chat I can press a button on the iPod and it speaks to me giving me my stats. Then I get home and sync and it takes me to a website and makes a graph of my run so I can see the fast bits (towards the start) and the slow bits when I'm nearly dying. It really appeals to my massive nerdiness! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to be a geek but doesn't have the funds for a snazzy garmin thing.

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OK, reading other people's posts I feel like an arrogant eejit for moaning about the sun and heat when everyone else is talking about the rain and wind... Sorry guys.


You're not on your own, I'm in Canary was roasting when i was out an hour or so ago, it's really hard running in the blistering heat...I try not to comment on the weather's not fair when people are out in the pouring down rain! ;)

I'm looking forward to being in the UK in June when I will love running in the crisp fresh air (and also will be spending a small fortune on gadgets, new trainers, gear etc...can't wait!!)


Once it gets about 18 I find it a struggle although last year was the first time were I got a tan in this country with my very fair skin since I was about 10 years old and spent every waking moment of the summer holidays outdoors.

Going early or late in the day if you can is the best advice, but you are probably doing that already!

Picture someone somewhere running where it's hotter again :)


soo jealous!! 2 wooden patio chairs went flying in the wind this morning, rain and wind factor of 3 degrees! In the last 3 weeks I haven't had a dry run! Thanks for saying what a nike + thing is, ive seen it here a few times and wondered what it was. Ive got an app which i downloaded free might be the same sort of thing. Week 6 run 1 for me tomorrow, in the rain I expect :((((


I have a Nike+ Sportband which suits me well as I don't have an iPod - the wristband acts as a receiver instead of the iPod. It doesn't speak to you but you can cycle through your stats as you run, and you upload the data at the end of your run as fogs said. You have to wear a small chip thingy in/on your shoe - basically a sophisticated pedometer - but for around £40 all in, it does the job for me and gives me just enough info. I find it really helpful to check my pace as I still find it difficult to figure out whether I've set off too fast!


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