Completed Wk7R1 last week ... unable to complete since!

Did anyone else have this problem? I was doing fine, completed wk 6, and did Wk7R1 fine .... but I wasn't able to complete the 25 min runs since ... very disillusioned .... I have been a bit tired so putting it down to that ... I'm working full-time but also work another job which takes up another few hours a couple of times a week. Maybe going to bed earlier would help.

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm thinking of going back to Wk6 just to build up the 8 min runs .... any suggestions? I feel like a failure at the moment, very demotivated :(


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16 Replies

  • Hi Allimac how many times have you tried it? I'm sure if you have had no problems before you can do this. Try starting out slower and build up to a comfortable speed and stride as and when you are ready. Perhaps change your route too, if you are stopping at the same place changing the route will help. We all get a time when there appears a demon monkey on our shoulder saying your going to fail, knock it off and chant "No I'm a winner I can do this". Good luck.

    By the way undertaking something like a new sport when you work all those hours is amazing, well done you.

  • Hi Oldgirl ... haven't had this problem before, this is my first time doing Wk7, didn't have to repeat any of the other weeks. Will change my route, start slower (if possible to go even slower!) .... I was saying to myself "I will not fail" .. over and over, but it didn't work!! Will try again tomorrow :)

  • Don't forget to relax, thats the secret to easy running.

  • Ah ha so run + relax = easy running .... I will try your formula :)

  • I did the same one run before ... W6R3 was fine but I had to stop for a 5-minute break in the middle of W7R1 a couple of days back. Haven't run since as have had back pain, but am thinking of trying again today. For me, it was the first time I'd run outside and looking at my stats afterwards I was going far faster than on the treadmill, so I guess that's it. So my very unprofessional advice would be just to slow down and start off far slower than you think you need to be going. We probably just need to crack this next one so it doesn't become a psychological barrier, and can always speed up again later, Good luck :)

  • Hi Olivia78, thank's for the reply. I think you're right, I'll try and slow down even though I thought I was fairly slow! Definitely psychological as well as physical. Hope your back pain improves and you succeed today :)

  • Thanks. Just been out, in the rain, and kept reminding myself to slow down, and I managed it with some left in the tank, so it's doable.

    Definitely get some more sleep and then take it steady :)

  • I wouldn't go back to intervals, I think you should carry on with W7. You may be a bit tired because of all you have on. Maybe choose days/times to run when you're less tired. Running is tiring esp if you haven't being doing much exercise. If it's more than one run that you've had difficulty with, think about what was hard. Was it your legs, your heart, or your head?

    As the others say start of slow, your aim is to run continuously no matter the speed. Perhaps run slow right up to about 20 minutes, then speed up a little if that feels right, and in the last minute just go for it as fast as you can but still being able to finish. That bit of speed at the end is good because you know that you could do more if you had to.

    Finally if it was your head telling you to stop, just tell it to go away and concentrate on the music, your surroundings anything but let it play tricks. Oh and also choose as flat a route as you can for your next run, so that it's as straightforward as possible for you. Good luck!

  • Thanks for your reply Jenniej .... I think I'll carry on with Wk7, maybe try getting to bed a bit earlier which might help :) You were asking if its my legs, heart or head causing me difficulty - it's a mixture of my heart and head .... think I'll slow down a bit. I did find it easy enough to run on the treadmill up to this point but moved outside for the last few runs but because of that it's a bit more difficult to get the pacing right. Will try again tomorrow and conquer it :)

  • allimac, I seem to be having the same issue as you and was also thinking of going back and repeating W6 again to build a bit of confidence again. I'm sure it will come.

    What ever you decide to do good luck!

  • I think I'll continue with Wk7 fog .... try to slow it down a bit and do it when I have a bit more energy .... To be honest, I was in work yesterday yawning at 4 o'clock but yet thought I'd be fine to run 25 mins an hour later when I'm not used to running 25 mins anyway!!! A bit too ambitious me thinks :)

    Let me know how you get on ..........

  • Sounds like you just need a bit more sleep! All my toughest runs have been when I'm overtired - it makes things so much harder, not just the physical side, but also the mental side. Much easier to think positive when you're not feeling like falling over!

    You'll get there, don't worry! I found it helpful to have an extra rest day or two between some of the runs in the last few weeks - if you've not been at all active before, I think that the body might need a bit more recovery time when the runs start being a bit longer. :)

  • I have just done the w6r1 run again and feel much better and more confident to try the week 7 runs now. I think that the big muscle between my ears needed a rest as I am combining the c25k with walking and bike riding. So I think I have been over doing it.

    I need to learn this lesson!

  • I am having similar issues. Week 7, run 1 was great and then this morning I did run 2 and had a horrid time. I made it through but didn't enjoy it one bit and am feeling quite disheartened. I'm just going to get back out there on Friday and keep on, don't really want to go backwards. I think we should should just stay positive (though I'm grumpy as anything right now!) and keep going!

    Here's to your next run! :)

  • I had the opposite: W7R1 was awful and I had to have a break, then W7R2 yesterday was absolutely fine. Sometimes we just have bad runs, don't let it get you down :)

  • I was exactly the same on Wk7 Run2! Didn't enjoy any of it and felt awful for a while after the run! I am going to rest a couple of days and then go back to 20mins and see how I feel. If I do it easily I will try for 25 mins. I think we just have to remember we are running much more than we were a few weeks ago. Other people tell me you do get good runs and bad runs sometimes. Just don't give up! Any run is better than non! Good luck

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