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Week 3 completed!! Anyone got any good tips for coping with week 4?

At last, I've finished week 3. I can't really say I've enjoyed it, though I've completed all the runs and when I look back to W1R1 I can see I've come a long way! AND I'm pain free which I am very grateful for.

Feeling really apprehensive about week 4 - it seems like a big step up and I know I'm going to have to use all my mental reserves if I'm going to achieve it.

Did anyone else feel like this? What strategies did you find helped? Many thanks for reading this!

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I felt exactly the same but have just finished w4r1. I honestly thought 5 minutes would be impossible for me but I keep the pace slow and tried to occupy my mind so I wasn't focused on which bit of me might be aching. I run down a tow path and there are houses whose gardens back onto the river...I was being very nosy today but it helped keep me going.

I've found that just trying to convince myself to keep going, one foot in front of the other and trying not to focus on how much time might be left has also helped me.

Don't be apprehensive, you managed 3 minutes at a time and it feels fab at the end of a week 4 run when Laura tells you that you've run for 16 minutes in total and spent most of the podcast running rather than walking!

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hi hennith-

Well done! You should be really chuffed. I think if you focus on all you've achieved and take it slow you'll be fine on W4. When is your first run?

I just did my final W3 run too - W4 on friday! yeek


The only way I got through was to have complete faith in the programme. Take it easy and you will be fine-good luck


Brilliant news, congratulations. This week has been a scheduling challenge, so I'm not going to finish week 3 until Saturday.

I've made a promise to myself not to stress about longer running intervals because before week 1 I stressed about running for a minute but did it. Before week 2 I stressed about 1.5 minutes but did them and guess what, before Monday's run I stressed about 3 minutes but did them. So No MORE MINUTE STRESSING!


You don't need any strategies: if you've completed Week 3 then you are definitely ready for Week 4. Even if you don't believe in yourself, believe in the programme because it works. Look at all the people on this forum who are testimony to that!

Good luck - you can do it!


Trust the programme, it works and you are ready. Many people, including myself, thought that the longer runs were actually easier, no stopping and starting and you begin to get into your running rhythm. Good luck :)


Congratulations! Just keep following the program and go at your own pace and you will be fine.


Thanks everyone for your really helpful advice and encouragement. Yes, I must BELIEVE! I know that's the case but my brain won't process it at present. Also, I think it might be time for a new route to freshen things up and give the mind something else to work on. I am actually looking forward to trying the longer runs as do think it will help me get into a rhythm and hopefully breathe better too. Right, I'm now going to try not to think about it any more until I go out there tomorrow! Happy running everyone!


I am really enjoying this programme. It's such a great stress buster. I actually look forward to getting going each session. I never thought that running for the first time at 54 would be pleasurable.


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